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Cardinal Red box No. 4

  • 2,20000

Akro Agate original box Cardinal Red No. 4!

This is an amazingly rare box.  Cardinal Red boxes come in 0,1,2,3,4.  As the size increases, so does the rarity.  I only know of 3 boxes in existence in the No.4 size.  There may be more out there, but overall that tells you how rare it is.  The marbles in this one look nice.  The box is not in perfect shape.  There is some water damage visible on the lid and some wear.  There is also some separation at the edge between the right side border of the top of the cover and the right side wall.  The base is better.  Regardless, it is just rare.  My friend has the second one I know of and is asking $4,200 for his in a little better condition.  This is one of those boxes that you know your friends won't have.

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