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Giant Atmosphere marble

  • 15000

This is not any ordinary handmade Atmosphere marble.  This is the rarest due to its size.  Vacor (aka Mega Marbles in the USA and now Glassfirma) usually only made machine made marbles.  In the late 1990's, around 1998, they made a line called Atmosphere marbles.  normally they were marketed in net bag of 3 one inch marbles.  they were sold at Toys R Us.  Due to the price at the time they were not popular.  the large size was only listed as a supplement in their catalogue.  Apparently at the time nobody ordered them or they weren't shipped.  I can honestly say I have purchased all the ones I have ever known of , which I have 5 total.  Nobody has more Vacor than me.  now I'm selling my Vacor so other collectors can enjoy.

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