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No. 8239F. Imperial Toy Corp.

  • 5000


Another super cool package of marbles from Imperial Toy Corporation.  This one is supposed to have six shooters with prints of Airplanes on each marble.  (They missed these).  No prints on the marbles.  Maybe that makes these a super rare error set?  

Imperial made some of the coolest packages of marbles in my opinion.  I love the packaging.  While marble purists may say hey Imperial is not up there with Akro Agate, I would say these packages are harder to find. I have a killer marble collection, and I can says they high $$$ stuff is easier to find than the cool Imperial packaging.  The ugly Imperial packaging is plentiful but people still want $$$ for it.

Look at the back of this card.  There are photos of a lot of marbles that I have not seen yet.  I'll be looking for them though.  I'll keep all the photos up even after they sell so people can have a reference.  

  • No. 8239F
  • Year: 1991

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