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Serpent (retired) ~16mm (5/8") marble

Serpent (retired) ~16mm (5/8") marble

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  • First generation Serpents.  These started being produced in 1997.  There have been three clear generations of serpents.  When I started collecting Vacor in 1997 Serpents had ceased being made.  So these were prior to 2000.  Clearly the nicest ones.  The second generations are the baby blue solid base with a patch.  The third generation are the current ones.  
  • These had been (and still are) confused with Peltier Superman.  Many people have paid outrageous prices (up to $500+) thinking these were Peltier Superman.  
  • small variations in size.  approximately 16mm
  • Made by Vacor de Mexico
  • Imported by MegaFun USA (formerly known as Mega Marbles).
  • production dates: 1997-1999?

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