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Woompalooms (Wooba) mesh bag

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This bag was marketed in Mexico and personally carried back by my family member.  It contains the following:

1) one 25mm (one inch) printed marble

2) eighteen 16mm marbles

3) metal display ring

4) collectible header card


Cards may have small bends.  Stores in Mexico do not appreciate the collectability of marbles.

This item is being sold as a collectible.  Although manufactured & sold in Mexico as a toy for children it is now being sold as a collectible for marble collectors in the US.  It is not safety labeled for sale to market to children in the US.  It is not being sold as a toy for children to play with in the US.  It is a collectible for current and future marble collectors to enjoy and treasure for the future.  It is likely to increase in value in the future 

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